Contribute to Boomerang

Do you feel you have a refreshing take on what it is to be a fresh, new adult?  Do you have a topic that you feel needs to be discussed?  Do you have a strange or funny or sad story that you want to share?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, please consider contributing to Boomerang!  New perspectives could only stand to make it better.


Email your article as an attachment (Microsoft Word or TextEdit is fine).

Don’t feel limited to “writing”– music, video, photography, and other art is welcome and would be exciting to publish.

Send photographs with your article!  Visuals are awesome.  If you use an image from the Internet or elsewhere (aka something that is not your original work), please send a URL or citation.  Also, I try to be sensitive to others’ privacy, so if you send photos with other people in them, I’ll need their permission to use their image.

Let me know the name you would like me to use when it’s published.  This could be your full first and last name, first name and last initial, just your first name, or a pen name.  Whatever you want.

Email to:

If you’d like to contribute regularly, let me know your ideas.


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