About Boomerang

What is a boomerang kid?  Ever feel alone in the fact that rent, utilities, food and loans have totally beat you into submission? Now that you’ve landed back at home base, do you feel alone in a hometown that everyone seems to have evacuated except for the weird people who were always a little mean to you when you were younger?  Or maybe you’ve felt strange about the fact that you actually like living with your parents?  Or maybe you’re just another one of those lazy, good-for-nothing, bratty Millenials, all of whom self-righteous Baby Boomers and Gen Xers keep scapegoating for the nation’s problems even though our ships have only begun to set sail–sailing out into the murky, polluted, corrupted, economically depressed waters they’ve laid out for us.

Read and contribute to the productive discussions that are geared either towards positive action or making you chuckle or at least nod in agreement every once in a while.

boomerang child  noun
: a young adult who returns to live at his or her family home especially for financial reasons (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)


I am a boomerang child, so I’m lucky I don’t have to pay rent.  But, I still work full time and I am still broke.

I get to watch Jeopardy every night with my parents now because I’m a boomerang child!  Also, having cable again is great!

As a boomerang child, I still haven’t figured out if it’s acceptable to have sex in my parents’ house, nor how I’m supposed to pull that off with them sleeping down the hall.


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